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„The LPX indices are representative benchmarks for listed private equity companies and a very useful tool for investors who would like to benchmark their private equity investments“

[Christopher Brown, Managing Director (Equities), Cazenove]


„The LPX indices are valuable performance benchmarks in the private equity industry“

[Thomas Franke, Deutsche Beteiligungs AG]


„The LPX indices as an underlying for financial products open up new vistas in the financial industry“

[François Millet, Director, Société Générale Asset Management]


„LPX have been the trailblazers in making private equity accessible through their work in identifying, analysing and monitoring listed private equity companies. Their indices demonstrate that same rigour and industry expertise, while further broadening the potential investor base.“

[Andrea Lowe, Principal, IPEIT]


„Beyond the provision of the first set of private equity indices, LPX is a pioneering think tank in the field of alternative asset classes. For the NMX index family, the idea of focusing on natural monopolies proves to be an innovative way of investing in the infrastructure asset class“ 

[Marie-Pierre Ravoteur, Head of EasyETF platform, AXA Investment Managers]


"The LPX indices give investors greater transparency on the performance of listed private equity and has been very timely given the market's heightened interest in this asset class in recent years."

[Douwe Cosijn, Head of IR, 3i Group plc]


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