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LPX, LPX50 and LPX Major Market are registered trademarks of LPX AG. These names and trademarks, as well as other trademarks and protected rights mentioned on this website are subject unreservedly to the applicable trademark law in each case and are not permitted to be used without the express permission of the registered owner. The simple fact that the website mentions them does not imply that trademarks are not protected by the rights of third parties. A license agreement is required to issue financial instruments based on the LPX indices. Licenses are issued for the commercial use of any aspects of the LPX indices. These uses include selecting the indices as the basis for benchmarks, financial products and funds of any sort. Any commercial use of LPX trademarks and/or LPX indices without a valid license agreement is not permitted. Contact LPX AG for information on licensing the LPX indices.