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Listed Infrastructure

Generally, infrastructure refers to network facilities and any basic services which enable productivity in an economy. Infrastructure can be defined as the basic physical assets and systems that support a country or community.


Representative examples of infrastructure facilities are roads and bridges, airports and ports, water resources and wastewater management, solid-waste treatment and disposal, electric power grids and broadcasting facilities.


Listed infrastructure provides investors an immediate exposure to infrastructure assets with the following characteristics:



Direct exposure to global basic infrastructure facilities (networks) which are characterized by a natural monopoly.


Liquid exposure to infrastructure investments; no issue with deal flows; no issue with fixed investment horizon.


Access to existing and established infrastructure facilities; no issue with blind pool investing.


A global investor can instantly diversify his portfolio holdings according to his specific risk profile (geographic allocation, currency, level of gearing, regulatory and political risk, etc.)


Cost is lower than for unlisted infrastructure investments compared to direct infrastructure investments

Level of gearing       

Listed infrastructure exhibit lower level of gearing compared to unlisted infrastructure


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