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Selected Listed Private Equity Companies

LPX Research

Getting exposure to private equity by purchasing a share on a stock exchange sounds simple. However, it can be challenging to identify the relevant companies within the universe of all listed companies compared to other major industry sectors.


LPX Group acts as a pioneer in identifying and covering the global listed private equity universe. Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Heinz Zimmermann, ordinarius of economics and finance at the University of Basel, LPX established the LPX Research Process and a valuation methodology.


Within the valuation model, LPX estimates a complete historic net asset value (NAV) series and a detailed NAV model for each company. As a result, the NAV per share can be compared to the share price to identify historic and current discounts or premiums.


On the basis of the NAV series for each company LPX publishes the LPX NAV Index Family. The LPX NAV Index Family has proven as a reliable investment decision tool within the listed private equity industry.


Currently LPX Group covers more than 100 global listed private equity companies. LPX Group continuously screens and monitors the global listed private equity market and publishes research reports and academic literature on listed private equity.


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