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Selected Listed Private Equity Companies

LPX Valuation

Currently, LPX Group has more than 100 listed private equity companies under coverage.  The main principles of LPX Research are to ensure transparency and comparability across listed private equity companies. This is realized through  a quantitative (standardized LPX NAV Model for each company) and qualitative (standardized due diligence) research process.


Quantitative research per company:


  • Current valuation level: achieved through live coverage by the LPX NAV Model
  • Track Record: based on historical NAV Series
  • Balance sheet structure:  achieved through live calculation of "net-liquidity“, private equity investment portfolio, listed investment portfolio, debt maturity structure, commitments, etc.
  • Portfolio characteristics: detailed look through on the private equity portfolio, with regard to vintages, regions, investment and financing styles


Qualitative research per company:


  • Transparency and investment strategy
  • Organizational structure: categorization into the direct private capital investment companies, fund of funds or private equity fund manager
  • Management quality: achieved through questionnaires and company visits  

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