01/21/2018 LPX GmbH

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LPX Major Market

The LPX Major Market is a global equity index that covers the largest 25 listed private equity companies which fulfill certain liquidity constraints.


The design of the LPX Major Market ensures that it is investable, tradable and transparent.


The index is well diversified across regions, investment- and financing styles, and vintage years. LPX Group publishes a monthly newsletter that contains the most important characteristics of the LPX Major Market.


LPX Major Market® TR: 01/19/2018
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Name: LPX Major Market®
Total Return (TR)
LPX Major Market®
Price (PI)
Reference date: December 31, 1997  
Currency: EUR  
Value: 576,93 (+0,22%) 301,66 (+0,22%)
ISIN: CH0022233701 CH0023542571
Constituents & Weights LPX Major Market®