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Listed Infrastructure

Generally, the term infrastructure refers to the basic physical assets of an economy that are required to provide essential services to its population and to enable the economic growth and development of every economy. Representative examples are toll roads, airports, shipping ports, pipelines, grid networks, etc.



  • By nature infrastructure encloses a broad array of heterogeneous industries and is therefore an amalgamation of different sectors and subsectors
  • There is no consistent industry classification scheme available so far to identify a global set of listed infrastructure vehicles
  • From this background a research based selection methodology is required in order to identify and determine an infrastructure universe which is characterized by homogenous quality characteristics and to ensure comparability


Due to the increasing depths of privatization on a global scale, the universe of listed infrastructure companies is growing steadily and is continuously covered and categorized by NMX® Research. Because of the specific economic characteristics, infrastructure is considered as a separate asset class which provides appealing investment characteristics induced in particular by the natural monopoly market position of the infrastructure facilities. 


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