LPX Group was founded in 2004 in Basel/Switzerland. LPX Group has designed the first investable private equity index series which open up new vistas with respect to performance measurement and benchmarking of private equity investments. With a strong academic background under the direction of Prof. Dr. Heinz Zimmermann, department of finance at the University of Basel, the index series was designed to fulfill both the needs of the financial industry and academic standards to serve as an effective research tool.


In 2005, the LPX Major Market was used as a basis for the first index-linked product for the private equity asset class. With a steadily growing range of innovative financial products linked to the LPX index series (exchange-traded funds (ETF), investment funds, derivatives and certificates), the LPX indices have become the most widely used in the financial industry. The LPX index series has therefore increased the awareness of the listed private equtiy by attracting new investor circles and hence has made an outstanding contribution in the promotion of listed private equtiy. 


In 2007, LPX Group expanded the range of index series with the launch of the NMX Natural Monopoly index series designed to reflect the global infrastructure industry.





First research project on listed private equity


Consolidation of research projects at the University of Basel, department of finance, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Heinz Zimmermann


Launch of the LPX index series


Launch of the first index tracker certificate by RBS (formerly ABN Amro)


Launch of the first exchange-traded fund (ETF) on the LPX50 index by SGAM


Launch of the NMX index series


Launch of the first exchange-traded funds on NMX index series by EasyETF


Launch of the LPActive Value Fund


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