The LPX Group index series are calculated according to widely accepted industry standards on the basis of a comprehensive and proprietary universe of listed alternatives which is permanently monitored.


The financial community relies on the LPX Group index series to track the performance of listed alternative asset classes and for benchmarking actively managed portfolios. The LPX Group indices are objective and transparent performance benchmarks. 


LPX Group indexing offers the following services:


  • Composition - The LPX Group index series are designed to reflect the risk and return characteristics of alternative asset classes. The selection process ensures that the indices are consistent and transparent performance benchmarks and effective research tools.
  • Calculation & data - The LPX Group indices are calculated according to widely accepted industry standards. All indices are calculated on an end of day basis; selected indices are also available in real time. For detailed information please refer to calculation & data.
  • Distribution - The LPX Group index series are disseminated through major data distributor channels. For details on data distributor identifiers please refer to data distributors.



Licensing - The LPX Group index series are regularly used as basis for a wide array of financial products and solutions. A license agreement is required for the use of the LPX Group indices. Detailed information appears in product licensing & data licensing.  


For detailed information on our services in the field of indexing please contact us or refer to the LPX and NMX site.




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