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Data Licensing

LPX Group offers a broad array of index data licenses and provides ongoing and historical data on index level and information on individual securities. The LPX Group data products are designed for all sorts of market participants seeking for consistent measures of market performance. Please find bellow some sample applications:


Asset Allocation

The LPX Group index series is a representative proxy for asset allocation optimization. Many financial institutions rely on the LPX and NMX index series as representative proxies for the private equity and infrastructure asset class in their asset allocation tools.


Portfolio Construction

Asset managers rely on the LPX Group index data for both passive investment strategies and active investment strategies (selection of securities of potential investment). With the underlying data, they can overweight or underweight selected securities to outperform the index.


Quantitative and Fundamental Research

The historical LPX Group index series and research on constituent level allow investors to define and test investment strategies and stock picking models.


Risk Management

The LPX Group index series allows risk managers to monitor and control exposure to specific market and systematic risk factors. The LPX index series has pioneered the risk management possibilities with respect to the private equity asset class.

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