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Index Methodology

Based on a global universe of listed basic infrastructure companies, the NMX Infrastructure Index Series is designed to reflect its risk and return characteristics. LPX AG has developed a proprietary industry classification scheme for the infrastructure asset class in order to achieve a high degree of transparency and comparability. The NMX Infrastructure Index Series is divided into the following modules:

  • Size/Liquidity: NMX Composite, NMX30 Infrastructure Global
  • Regions: NMX America, NMX Europe, NMX Asia / Pacific

The NMX Infrastructure Index Series are representative and reflects the entire spectrum of the infrastructure investment universe. For the global NMX indices (i.e. NMX Composite, and NMX30 Infrastructure Global) sector-weighting constraints ensure that the indices show a high degree of infrastructure sector diversification. The NMX Infrastructure Index Series are calculated in real-time and disseminated to a broad array of data vendors. The indices can also be adapted to specific customer requirements. For further information please refer to the section ‘Index Information’.