Index Licensing

The LPX AG indices meet all industry standards and regulatory requirements establishing themselves as a standard benchmark for the private equity and the infrastructure asset class. LPX AG offers customer-specific licensing models, which are tailored to the individual customer requirements.

End-of-Day Data is available for all LPX AG indices and includes current and historical index values in different currencies as well as detailed information on a constituent level basis. These include constituents name, vendor code, prices, exchange rates and weighting. The corresponding services also include a corporate action alert and real-time data. The data are distributed either directly via a customer-specific FTP account or via third parties (data vendors).

The type of index license required depends on the intended use of the data. Generally, the following index licenses are distinguished:

  • Data Licensing – The LPX and NMX indices are used as a research tool and/or for benchmarking purposes
  • Product Licensing – The LPX and NMX indices are used as a basis for an index-linked financial product. This include, in particular, passively managed index funds, exchange traded funds (ETF) and all passive financial products that replicate the performance of the indices
  • Other Product Licensing – The LPX and NMX indices are used as a basis for a financial product whose performance is dependent on the index. These products include, amongst others, derivatives, swaps and OTC products
  • Distribution license – The LPX and NMX indices are provided to a third party. If the indexes are passed on to third parties, regardless of the form or further processing, you will need a distribution license

Please contact us to determine the necessary index license for your specific needs.