LPX AG is a leading research house in the field of Listed Alternatives with a focus on Listed Private Equity and Listed Infrastructure. LPX AG was founded in 2004 and launched the first investable private equity indices: the LPX Listed Private Equity Index Series. In 2007, the first infrastructure indices were launched which focus on core infrastructure companies: the NMX Infrastructure Index Series. The LPX and NMX index series are used as representative performance benchmarks or asset management mandates. The indexes are also used as a basis for a variety of innovative index-linked financial products. Today, LPX AG is also a recognized research house and investment advisor with total assets of more than CHF 1 billion. LPX AG offers a wide range of services:

  • Research with a focus on Listed Private Equity and Listed Infrastructure. LPX AG is regarded as a leading research house in the area of ‘Listed Alternatives’. The research services of LPX AG are used by numerous financial institutions and asset managers worldwide
  • Indexing for Listed Alternatives. The LPX Listed Private Equity and NMX Infrastructure Index Series serve as standard performance benchmarks. The index series allow for representative benchmarking of the private equity and infrastructure asset class. The indexes are used as the basis for index-linked financial products
  • Investment Advisory in the area of Listed Alternatives. LPX AG offers customized and innovative investment concepts, strategies and advises a broad array of financial institutions