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4. July 2022 / Indexing

DLX Rebalancing Announcement July 2022

DLX Direct Lending Index Rebalancing (Chaining) as of July 13, 2022 (based on closing prices) Index Mutations Index Inclusions: •...
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8. June 2022 / LPX AG News

LPX AG launches Listed Private Equity Barometer

LPX AG has launched its inaugural Listed Private Equity Barometer, designed to provide detailed data-led insight into the global listed...
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16. May 2022 / Indexing

Market Consultation – NMX Index Series

Market Consultation - Changes to the index design and calculation methodology of the NMX Infrastructure Index Series The NMX Infrastructure...
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4. April 2022 / Indexing

LPX Rebalancing Announcement April 2022

1. LPX Composite Index Inclusions: • CHRYSALIS INVESTMENTS LTD (CHRY LN) Index Exclusions: • n/a 2. LPX Direct US Index...
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