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Thursday June 6th, 2019

NMX Index Series Rebalancing Annoucement

Changes to NMX Index Series: NMX Composite Inclusions: • DIGITAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS (TH5097010000; DIF TB) • INTL CONTAINER TERM SVCS INC...
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Wednesday April 3rd, 2019

LPX AG recognized as benchmark administrator

Zurich, April 3, 2019 - LPX AG, a leading provider of stock indices for alternative asset classes, has been recognized...
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Monday March 18th, 2019

Handelsblatt 18 March 2019

On March 9, 2009, stock prices reached their lowest levels worldwide. Since then private equity firms have not only gone...
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Thursday March 7th, 2019

LPX Regional Indices Rebalancing Announcement

LPX America Index Index Inclusions: n/a Index Exclusions: n/a   LPX Europe Index Inclusions: NB Global Floating Rate Inc. (ISIN:...
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