LPX Mezzanine NAV

The LPX Mezzanine NAV reflects the fundamental value creation of global Listed Private Equity companies based on the NAV development of Listed Private Equity companies, which predominately provide Mezzanine capital. The index is based on a standardised NAV model, which was introduced in order to ensure transparency and comparability. LPX Mezzanine NAV allows direct comparison with tradition private equity investments via limited partnerships. The reference currency of the LPX Mezzanine NAV is EUR following a Total Return (Gross) reinvestment scheme. The index is distributed to a broad array of data vendors. The index is diversified across regions, private equity investment styles and vintages.


Name: LPX Mezzanine NAV
Bloomberg: LPXFVMEZ
Reuters: .LPXFVMEZ
Level (April 15, 2024): 540.61 (+0.2%)