Investment Advisory

Alternative asset classes are increasingly a focus for private and institutional investors. In order to diversify a portfolio, investments in alternative asset classes are particularly suitable due to their attractive risk and return characteristics. The best known alternative asset classes are private equity, infrastructure and hedge funds.

For a long time, investments in altnernative asset classes were limited to large institutional investors and characterized in particular by high minimum investment requirements and a long-term investment horizon with capital lock-up.

Listed Alternatives offer the opportunity to participate in the advantages of alternative investments with daily liquidity. LPX AG is a pioneer in the area of research, index sponsorship and investment advice for Listed Alternatives, especially for the private equity and the infrastructure asset class.

A commitment to private equity and infrastructure is a challenge for every investor facing a depth of information. LPX AG offers tailor-made investment advisory and supports global asset managers offering their customers innovative solutions in the area of alternative asset classes. Please refer to the section ‘Investment Advisory’ for more information.

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