Private Equity Managers

The LPX and NMX indices are used worldwide by investment banks and index fund providers as the basis for index-linked financial products. Particularly in the area of passive investment strategies, the choice of a representative benchmark is critical in representing the risk and return characteristics of an investment class accurately. The use of innovative concepts in the design of the indices for optimal implementation of the market requirements is a priority for all LPX AG index series.

The indices of LPX AG are based on proprietary research, ensuring the representative composition of the LPX Listed Private Equity Index Series and NMX Infrastructure Index Series. The LPX indices are the recognized benchmark indices of the private equity asset class worldwide. The NMX indices are the first indices to focus on global infrastructure companies and provide an optimal approximation of the risk and return characteristics of the infrastructure asset class.

The indices of LPX AG are market capitalization-weighted stock indices, that meet current industrial standards and regulatory requirements. On the basis of LPX Research, tailor-made index solutions are also offered to meet customer-specific requirements.