Asset Managers

Alternative asset classes are increasingly in focus for investors due to their attractive risk and return characteristics. In particular, the private equity and infrastructure asset classes are suitable for expanding the investment opportunity set of an investor and are therefore potentially an integral part of a well-diversified investment portfolio.

The LPX and NMX indices serve as the basis for Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), index funds and certificates. The index design as well as the calculation and distribution of the index data meet internationally accepted industry standards and regulatory guidelines. For further information on our private equity and infrastructure indexes, please refer to the ‘Indexing’ section.

LPX AG is regarded as a pioneer in providing investment solutions in the area of Listed Alternatives and offers a wide range of services in conjunction with a broad array of recognized industry partners. The products and services are particularly suitable for investors who prefer a broadly diversified private equity and infrastructure portfolio with daily liquidity. In addition to index-linked financial products, LPX AG also offers research-based and tailor-made investment solutions. The focus is always on the individual requirements of our customers. Research-based financial products are presented in the section ‘Investment Advisory’.