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Calculation & Data

LPX Group offers ongoing and historical data on index level and information on individual securities. The LPX Group index series are calculated according to generally accepted industry standards and disseminated through all major data distributor channels to ensure availability and transparency. LPX Group provides all necessary index data required for effective research and replication.



LPX group index guide - The design and index calculation methodology is manifested and puplished in the LPX Group index guidelines.




Price and total return index data - The LPX Group offers the index series in price and total return versions in all major currencies. 

End of day data - Detailed constituent and index level data for the LPX Group index series. Data packages are available on the geographic, sector and style index level. The data includes company names, identifiers and all market data necessary to replicate the index.

Real time data - Selected LPX Group index series are available in real time with intervals 15/5/1 seconds. For detailed information please contact the LPX Group sales team or refer to the LPX and NMX sites.

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