Dienstag, der 27. November 2018 / LPX AG News

LPX launches DLX Direct Lending Index

With Private Debt becoming one of the cutting edge markets in the broader asset markets, the timely introduction of the...
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Montag, der 5. November 2018 / Indexing

LPX Quarterly Report Q3 2018

LPX Group Quarterly report shows a post Q3 slow down in both Private Equity and Infrastructure sectors LPX Group the...
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Donnerstag, der 11. Oktober 2018 / Indexing

Rebalancing Information LPX Direct US

Rebalancing Information im Anhang: LPXDITU_12102018
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Freitag, der 7. September 2018 / Indexing

Rebalancing Information LPX Regional Index Series

Rebalancing Information im Anhang: LPX Regional Indexes Rebalancing_14092018
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