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LPX AG is a pioneer in the field of Listed Alternative index sponsoring. The use of innovative concepts in the design of the indices to meet market requirements is a priority for all LPX AG indices.

The indices of LPX AG are used by a significant number of institutions worldwide as representative performance benchmarks and serve as a basis for index-linked financial products allowing investors liquid access to the private equity and the infrastructure asset class.

As a leading index sponsor for alternative asset classes, LPX AG offers the following innovative solutions:

The LPX Listed Private Equity Index Series serve as a standard benchmark for the private equity asset class and allow for detailed performance benchmarking by differentiation by region and private equity investment styles. The index design of the LPX indices is based on a proprietary industry classification scheme.

With the launch of the LPX NAV Index Series, LPX AG is opening up new vistas for performance benchmarking and the valuation of a traditional private equity investment portfolio. Based on the LPX Research, the LPX NAV Index Series provide insight into the fundamental performance of listed private equity companies measured by the underlying Net Asset Value (NAV).

The LPX Listed Private Equity Index Series and LPX NAV Index Series are consolidated in the LPX NAV P/D Index Series, which reflect the price-to-book ratio of the global listed private equity market. The index series serve as a meaningful barometer for the current valuation environment of the private equity asset class.

The NMX Infrastructure Index Series were developed to represent the risk and return characteristics of the infrastructure asset class. The NMX indices are based on a proprietary industry classification scheme, enabling the innovative design of the NMX Infrastructure Index Series with a focus on global core infrastructure companies.